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Slatton's Intaglio Press

Posted by Ralph Slatton

I have created this web page to give my students at East Tennessee State University a resource for gaining information about printmaking and also aesthetic insights into evaluating their work.


Through the years, I have found that there are some basic, recurring questions. I've assembled a sort of FAQ of printshop talk. These questions include such things as, how to make printmaking varnish, or what do I consider the best intaglio press? Other technical subjects may include such topics as, how do I build an aquatint box? I will accumulate as much information as I can find on these topics. Some of the facts will be based on personal experience and opinion. I do welcome corrections, if you feel I'm in error.


This is only a beginning effort. Hopefully these pages will get us started. I will be posting additional items from time to time, ranging form general fine art subjects, to subjects more specific to the print media. I will be discussing processes and also giving helpful studio tips. I will definitely publish more artwork, and may even assemble enough persons for a student blog: What is art? Why are we here? Ok, maybe these are too general. I'm sure you can think of some better ones. Take care, and keep exploring your innate creativity.


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