Equipment and Project Builds

Here are some links that I found on line. I used some of the original descriptions, so If anyone wishes me to remove their link, please contact me. More equipment builds will follow soon.

How to build an fan operated Aquatint Box.

There is a door and a grid just above the fanblade where a plate can be inserted after the fan has been turned off to allow rosin particles to settle on the plate.

Professional grade aquatint boxes perfect for heavy use in the classroom, print shop or artist's studio. Four models and sizes available.

Portable Aquatint Box

This box is designed to meet the needs of traditional etchers who do workshops, classes, or demonstrations where a small aquatint box would be useful, or those who are space conscious and work on small plates.

A Cardboard box Aquatint Box

Find a cardboard box thаt wіll accommodate thе size οf thе plates you wish to use. It’s better tο υѕе a box thаt’s аt lеаѕt twice аѕ hυgе аѕ thе plate and make a trap door for the plate.

Homebuilt Screen Exposure Unit

This is a Youtube video showing an inexpensive way to build a screen exposure unit, using flourescent lights to cure the photo emulsion coating for a screen print stencil.

Making Your Own Screen Print Drying Rack

Here is a home built wood screen drying rack. It has made a great addition to my shop. Total cost to build it was under $25. Dimensions are at the end of the video. Check out my blog for more info on how it was built. (

Build Your Own Etching Press

This site is home to a project that began a few years ago. Its purpose is to provide information to Intaglio printmakers wishing to build their own Etching Press. Here you will find info and plans for building your press.

Electro Etching Set Up (non-toxic etching)

New developments in etching chemistry have made it possible for metal plates to be etched in metal salt solutions rather than acid.

One Printmaker's Adventure in Building His Studio

A studio for an artist is more than a workshop. It is space for creating and very necessary for peaceful and uninterrupted artistic activity. This is a must see of how to build your own studio.





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