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Attn: Intro Students: (Sorry Part 2 was removed due to technical problems. I will repost as soon as I have time to re-shoot.


Preparing and Squaring the Linoleum: Part I




Creating a Registration Board: Part 3




Registering Color Blocks to Master Image &

Ink Modification: Part 4




Evan Lindquist. Demonstration:

Contemporary Artist-Printmaker shows process of engraving his copper plate for an original print: MARTIN SCHONGAUER ENGRAVES ST. ANTHONY.



Evan Lindquist creates original prints in his private studio in Jonesboro, Arkansas. He taught art, printmaking and drawing at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro for forty years and retired from ASU in 2003.

Most of Lindquist's prints are engravings, developed from his own original ideas and designs. Using a traditional engraver's burin, he engraves his ideas onto copper plates. He prints the plates in the traditional process of intaglio printing.




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